Since we can't ride on the track every day, we do what we can Beyond the Track!

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How Can I Improve Beyond the Track?

Preparing ahead of time, knowing your fellow riders, learning from their experiences, planning your track days, taking notes of your experiences and reviewing them later, just to name a few things!

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Our Ways to Grow Beyond the Track


We hardly ever ride by ourselves on the track, so it's great to build a network of riders who watch out for one another out there.


There is quite a bit of work involved in getting to the tracks and back all year long. By having a great process and tools to deal with that we can clear our mind for the riding thing we know and love.

Off-Track Learning

Planning and debriefing are very important tools in order to both prepare for a great day at the track and learn from our experiences.

Monthly Meetings

If not at the track, where else can you get with your peer riders to have focused conversations on track riding?

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"BTT has helped me by giving details to help me prep for different tracks so I would know what to expect when I got there."

"I’ve connected with a great group here without having to go to Facebook to do so. An actual group that meets in person to talk about riding motorcycles as performance machines without trying futility to do so on the street. Then they get out there and practice and share this to a community is inciting and instructive. This is the type of stuff I never could find riding with friends on the street."

"I've been riding my whole life and I didn't think I would get a lot of benefit from the meetings at first, but after going to several meetings and covering a plethora of topics, eventually we got to many that I hadn't dealt with or thought of. Also I did much work to improve at COTA and won a free non-COTA trackday! And actually a set of slicks while at COTA!"